Story Of Cybelle — From enthusiasm to greed

Story of Cybelle —From enthusiasm to greed

Cybelle started out by making games for the Nes. She didn’t make them for the money, she simply loved making them and giving others joy with them. She would often use discounts to boost the sales and became quite wealthy in the process. Cybelle would also make games for the future consoles as well, such as Nintendo 64, Gamecube and the Wii.


By the time the internet started becoming more and more popular, people no longer bought physical copies of their games, instead opting for digital releases and Cybelle’s sales would start going down at a rapid rate. She had to do something. Then she decided that all of her games would be made solely for the pc from this point forth.


As she learned about digital downloads she also learned about microtransactions, updates, DLC, loot boxes… She had never heard of any of these things before as the old games were never able to be connected to the internet. She found these new features fascinating and wanted to use them in her next game…


She started working hard on the new game and wanted it to be perfect. New items would only be bought from loot boxes, new costumes and weapons would be released as purchasable DLC every month… so many features… There was no time to polish the game as her deadline slowly approached. 


Finally the game was released. Fans complained about the buggy mess that they had mistakenly pre ordered for 100$ but for some unexplained reason… they kept buying the DLC, they kept buying the loot boxes even though most prizes were just trash.


At that moment Cybelle realised something… A game doesn’t need to be good to do well…. It doesn’t even need to be cheap! All you need is a fanbase that is willing to buy anything as long as it’s made by the company they have grown to love. Even if the game is just an overpriced port of an old game…


Skip forward to the present year and Cybelle is no longer who she used to be. The happy and enthusiastic android was gone, replaced by a cold machine driven by greed. All she cared about was money. She had turned into a monster and any bit of good that was left in her had disappeared.


If only one could go back in time, back to when things were better…